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TCI Open Lecture 2015: Basilica of St Peter, Rome

August 2015


On Sunday 30 August, The Catholic Institute 2015 Open Lecture will be delivered by Dr Christopher Evan Longhurst STD, at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Hill Street, Wellington. The lecture starts at 8pm, following  7pm Eucharist.

Dr Longhurst works at the Musei Vaticani in Rome as a researcher and scholar, covering theology and the visual arts, theological aesthetics, religion and the arts, and sacred art and architecture.

His lecture looks at the construction and ornamentation of the new basilica of St Peter, Rome, as a metaphor for building up the Church, and essential to the Church’s structure.

Exploring the stages of the basilica’s building and elaborate decoration will reveal the dynamic interplay between divine purpose and human free will. It will be seen how forces continue to shape the present-day basilica, offering a new dimension and exceptional mode of expression for humanity’s spiritual growth.

All welcome, koha appreciated. For more information, visit the TCI website, email Catherine Gibbs or call (04) 974-5384.