“World Marriage Day” online event available to watch

An update on the World Marriage Day event that was held on 13th February and a link for those who were unable to tune in on the night.

If you would like to view the event which was held on Sunday 13 February 2022 for World Marriage Day this can be viewed online here: Building a Love that Lasts – YouTube

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event! There were a range of couples who participated in this event, from those who were recently engaged to one couple that were about to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. Couples tuned in from across Aotearoa, Australia and even as far as the Philippines.

If you are interested in finding out about other events and resources that are designed for couples, please contact Felicity at marriage@wn.catholic.org.nz or follow us on Facebook at Marriage Ministries – Archdiocese of Wellington.

"World Marriage Day" online event available to watch Archdiocese of Wellington
Image of a participant’s home set up for the World Marriage Day online event, with an image of the event on a screen in the background.