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Catholic faith education

August 2015


Catholic Education in New Zealand

Jenny Gordon

Catholic education’s distinctive identity is rooted in Baptism. Each of us is called to be a light to the world.

The role of Catholic faith education and in particular the Catholic school in our contemporary world can be considered to be twofold. Firstly, it is a centre for evangelisation and catechesis; and secondly, it provides a faith environment for the ongoing formation and encounter with Jesus.

‘Every member of our parish and school faith communities has the wondrous task of bringing Christ’s good news to those whom we are privileged to serve. All the more joyful is this duty when it is our young people with whom we share the love of Jesus and the mission of his Church.’ (NZCBC document.)

Our Catholic education system is held in high regard by the wider community and is supported by dedicated and passionate people. It has been observed that it is the holistic and integrated approach to schooling that engages the whole family and community, which makes the Catholic school so successful. This is certainly true but foundational to our community is our Catholic faith, gospel values and teachings which create a rich Catholic culture, where each person is called to grow in Catholic witness and leadership.

Our faith journey is just that – a life-long journey in which we continue to explore our Catholic faith and grow in the knowledge that we are loved by God and called to love and serve God, to draw on our strengths to bring out the best in one another and to share our heritage and faith with all we meet and to bring God’s light to the world.

These pages feature just some of the many committed agencies whose people work tirelessly to bring Good News to all people in whatever stage of their lives.

Jenny Gordon is Vicar for Education Archdiocese of Wellington.