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Children’s liturgy of the word studied in Masterton


Sue Ryan
31 March 2012

Four parishioners of St Patrick’s Masterton took part in the first of a series of workshops that are envisaged for the parish. The first workshop last month was a gentle introduction into the topics of:
What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word?
Why do we have it?
How should we celebrate it?
How often should we have it?

The group also looked at the question of the benefits of having a Children’s Liturgy of the Word programme in the parish and how it could develop children’s spirituality and liturgical literacy.

Participants were given materials to help them set up their own parish training programmes if they felt there was need for this ministry.

This resulted in some creative suggestions on how children’s liturgy could easily be linked to feast days in the Church’s liturgical year.

Ideas flowed freely and many suggestions were made on how closer links could be developed between school (both primary and secondary) and parish.

Members are looking forward to taking these ideas back into their respective workplaces and putting them into practice. Further workshops are planned for those who would like to be trained in the Ministry of the Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

Image: Liz Keane, Jane Gannaway, Maria O’Flynn, Jane Cayless