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Darwin Ordination

WelCom November 2018:

Newly ordained Bishop of Darwin, Bishop Charles Gauci. Photo: Supplied

On Wednesday, 27 September 2018, Bishop Charles Gauci was welcomed at St Mary’s Star of the Sea Cathedral as the new Bishop of Darwin in a ceremony combining Catholic tradition and Aboriginal culture. Bishop Gauci succeeded retiring Bishop Eugene Hurley who had served Darwin for the past 11 years. Deacon Danny and Maru Karatea-Goddard attended the ordination and Danny assisted as deacon.

In his homily, Bishop Hurley spoke of the special bond between the Catholic Church in the Northern Territory and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a privilege with significant duties.

‘The trust, reverence and love shown by our Aboriginal sisters and brothers over such a long time are sacred, and demand an equal commitment from the Church and from you as bishop. You will need to listen carefully, observe closely and walk humbly with the people as you assess the situation which confronts them.

Danny and Maru had previously met Bishop Eugene Hurley at the three-yearly National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Catholic Council and ‘shared the Catholic Māori experience with our closest neighbours’.

Danny added ‘We passed on our aroha to retiring Bishop Eugene Hurley who will now remain in ministry to Aboriginal and Torres Island peoples. As well, we see the aroha and gentleness that Bishop Charles Gauci exudes. He makes an immediate connection to those he meets.’