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Distributing sacred oils used in key rites


4 May 2012

Decanting of the three oils which Archbishop John Dew blesses during the Chrism Mass held during Holy Week.

The Oil of Chrism, used in confirmation and ordination, the Oil of Catechumens used in baptism and the Oil of the Sick are taken from the amphorae (jugs) in which they are blessed and poured into small bottles for each parish and chaplaincy in the archdiocese.

Pictured are Mary Kleinsman-Powell, Margaret Bidwill, Christine Paterson representing Sacred Heart parishioners, Pauline Hunt, Anne Lampard and Ann Williams. Maureen Nolan who has organised women of the parish to decant the Holy Oils for the Chrism Mass since the 1960s was not able to attend this year’s Mass.

At the Chrism Mass, all priests renew their ordination commitment to their archbishop and to each other.