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Elephant Issues: Gender, Sexuality and Young People

WelCom October 2018:

Isabella McCafferty

A group of around 30 people from across Wellington City, gathered on the evening of 11 September to discuss the topic of gender and sexuality in the context of ministry with young people. The forum aimed to provide a place to explore some of the challenges we face around understanding gender and sexuality in the context of faith within 21st century New Zealand society. The group looked at a Catholic understanding of sexuality from a variety of sources, which they discussed in small groups.

The forum also invited participants to discuss gender in light of the shifting conversations taking place in New Zealand. Most people at the forum were struggling to know how to approach these topics with young people they minister to, but conversation returned to the importance for all young people to know they are loved by their community and their knowledge of God’s love for them.

There is a need for spaces to talk through these challenging topics. The forum’s aim was to provide a place for those in ministry with young people to be able to respond. From the level of interest at this forum, there seems to be a need within the wider community to be able to find places to talk about these ongoing challenges.