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From the PNG mission

Palmerston North

Fr Valentine Gryk SVD
31 March 2012

I have just given your New Zealand Mass stipends and intentions to two priests working in small communities and in difficult places.

They receive few Mass intentions from their people. Anyhow, they are very grateful for this help.

They assured me, and I assure you, that they will start to celebrate these Mass intentions immediately.

One of the priests from Poland is Fr Marian Dziurzynski. He is the parish priest of Pundibasa/Yonki parish in the Arona Valley.

It is a Lutheran area but there are some people from Simbu who are mostly Catholics.

They used to work on the coffee plantation but now the plantations are abolished so they sit around in the small settlements.

The parish is poor because the people don’t have their own land. What they produce they use for themselves. There is not much business. So the parish does not get much income.

The Mass Intentions are a big help for Fr Marian. He asked me to thank those who sent them.