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Gay son bullied in Catholic college


December 2011 

Thank you Greg Byrne for your reflections on homosexuality in the 289 issue of Wel-com. I, too, have a homosexual son. I believe the attitude of the Church towards gay people to be very wrong. This attitude has undue influence on our Catholic population. Many adult Catholics impress their children with bias, scorn and even loathing. This is Christianity?

My son is considered to be physically attractive (not effeminate). Mentally he is highly intelligent. He has many talents but, most importantly, he helps and encourages people. In a secondary Catholic school he was always subject to bullying, nasty pranks and all the usual unwanted attention homosexual youngsters are subjected to by our ‘good Catholic boys.’

More than that, several attempts were made on his life. On one occasion he was seriously sexually assaulted by a senior, well built boy – well known to our family. My son attempted suicide as a result of this criminal act. Fortunately I discovered him in time and was able to contact the hospital. Finally the murderous, dark ambitions of others evolved into a carefully planned ‘accident’ which would have been successful had it not been for an older brother of one of the perpetrators informing my son of their intentions.

My son ran away. As a result everything was uncovered and the matter was dealt with in an appropriate manner.

When I learned of my son’s sexuality I searched for answers in the way most parents in my position do.

I found the answer. He is as our loving God created him. No one would choose this path. It is too painful. We live in a heterosexual world.

The Catholic Church should take responsibility for facing the anti-Christian stance which, in the most part, it has fostered….develop some fortitude….and consider how to more closely observe the Christian principles we should all
be striving to emulate.
(Name withheld)

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