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Healthy youth relationships benefit from CWL donation

WelCom May 2017:

Sophie Elliott Foundation Trustees Bill O’Brien and Lesley Elliott gratefully receive CWLANZ’s donation for the foundation from CWL National President Kay Blackburn. Photo: Mary Race

The Sophie Elliott ‘Loves-Me-Not’ education programme has been the 2016 beneficiary of the Catholic Women’s League ‘Mission at Home’ appeal.

During the League’s recent annual conference in Alexandra, Central Otago, CWL National President Kay Blackburn presented a cheque of $10,766 on behalf of the 70 CWL branches throughout New Zealand who had raised the money over the past year. Loves-Me-Not founders and trustees Lesley Elliott and Bill O’Brien gratefully received the donation.

The Loves-Me-Not relationship-education programme has been researched and written by Lesley and Bill and is facilitated in colleges at Year 12 by the New Zealand Police. The programme is a one-day workshop for students to explore healthy relationships and the sometimes difficult subject of relationship abuse and consent.

Loves-Me-Not focuses on equal relationships as opposed to controlling ones. The long-term outcome sought is for young people to live their lives free from the harm of unhealthy and abusive relationships.

‘The League is keen to foster good relationships in young people’, says Kay Blackburn.

‘We are assured the welcome donation will be put to good use in the development of Loves-Me-Not resources.’

CWL’s Mission at Home Appeal for 2017 is PILLARS, a national charitable organisation supporting the children of prisoners throughout New Zealand.

PILLARS aims to break the cycle of crime and help secure a positive future for children of prisoners. The organisation goes to the heart of CWLANZ’s vision and mission – the welfare of women and children (www.pillars.org.nz).

Attentive to the Church’s social teaching, the New Zealand Catholic Women’s League regularly researches social issues – particularly those affecting families, women and children – and draws members’ attention to these issues and canvasses their thoughts and ideas.