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Jesus’ message in our society

WelCom July 2019:

Mary-Ann Greaney

The Sunday readings after Easter have given us a sense of the excitement the disciples felt as they organised to establish the new Christian church – sharing everything and debating how best to help those among them in need.

How can we as Church 2000 years later capture that same excitement in finding God in each other? The National Pastoral Planners Network – one representative each from five New Zealand dioceses – is calling people from the church in New Zealand to a conference in Dunedin, 27–28 September 2019, to discuss ‘Seeking Holiness in a Secular Society’.

As the disciples of Jesus grappled with the issues about how to bring Christ’s teachings to the people of their time, so must we find ways of making Jesus’ message relevant in our society today. Two keynote speakers will sketch the big picture and 20 workshops will address how to apply the brush-strokes of life and love to parishes and the world through prayer, ministry and leadership.

Visit www.pastoralconference.cdh.nz for more details.