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Living again with Lazarus

3 September 2012

altFor 21 years The Lazarus Experience has been supporting separated and divorced Catholics and now the organisation has two new leaders.

Anne Hubbard and Don McGowan are passing the reins to Katrin Eickhorst-Squire and Steve Brennan.

The Lazarus Experience offers acceptance and encouragement after a marriage breakup to voice the painful truth where healing can begin.

At such a time many feel disconnected and not fitting the accepted norm of parish life.

Participants are often at different stages in their lives, – from in the process of breaking up to divorced for many years.

Rather than being an antidote for a marriage breakup, Lazarus is more of a balm to soothe the wounds.

As one participant says, ‘Sh*t happens, but there is hope’.

Whether the end of a marriage feels like a spiritual death or even a physical death, some participants say that Lazarus was the beginning of their knowing themselves for the first time.

A second retreat, for the year is eagerly anticipated in November 16-18.

For more information about the Lazarus Experience, contact Don on (04) 587-0527 or Katrin, (04) 970-9385.

Image: Steve Brennan, Anne Hubbard, Katrin Eickhorst-Squire and Don McGowan.