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New Lay Pastoral Leader

WelCom July 2017: Cardinal John Dew commissioned Fiona Rammell as a Lay Pastoral Leader at Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Sunday 11 June. Alongside Fr James Lyons, Fiona will serve the parish and school of Sacred Heart Cathedral. She is also part of the Pastoral area team working alongside Fr Ron Bennett and Fr Barry Scannell in Wellington.

Fiona Rammell on the Camino Walk in Spain earlier this year. Photo: Supplied

Cardinal John said, ‘We thank God for Fiona who courageously has undertaken to embrace the beauty and challenge of collaborative ministry in a new and uncharted way.’

Being a Lay Pastoral Leader is a form of ministry particular to the Wellington Archdiocese. The formation programme, called Launchout, requires candidates to complete 18 papers in a Diploma in Pastoral Leadership, four pastoral projects, prayer days, annual retreats, and monthly spiritual direction.

Cardinal John explained, ‘Our lay pastoral leaders work together with our priests. Therefore today I want you to know Fiona is being commissioned to work with and not for Fr James’.

Cardinal John Dew commissioning Fiona Rammell as a Lay Pastoral Leader. Photo: John Walkerdine

Fiona Rammel (centre) will work alongside Fr James Lyons (r) and Fr Ron Bennett (l). Photo: John Walkerdine

Fiona spoke of the Māori proverb that asks about the most important thing in the world. ‘Te Tangata, Te Tangata, Te Tangata. It is the people, the people, the people.’

Fiona said relationships are never perfect but are the heartbeat of our lives. ‘Without them we are just beings that keep busy doing stuff rather than being. The hint is in the name – we are human beings, not human doings,’ she said.

Fiona said she is looking forward to ‘being’ with the people of the Parish of Sacred Heart Cathedral and the greater Pastoral area and is keen to get to know everyone’s stories, hopes and desires.

Fiona is married with four children and lives in Kaitoke, Upper Hutt.