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Papal Medal for Wellington Parishioner

WelCom December 2018:

Linda Swayn of the Catholic Parish of Wellington South received a papal medal in October this year, presented by Cardinal John Dew, in recognition for her work supporting people living with disabilities.

As a young adult Linda qualified as a special-needs teacher and has dedicated years assisting children and others with disabilities.

Linda came to live the Home of Compassion as a one-year-old after extensive hospitalisation in Rotorua. She had been rejected by her family who did not return to collect her or communicate with her. She remained in care at the Home of Compassion until she was 21. Linda says, ‘I know without a doubt if the Sisters had not taken me in I would not be here today. Because the Home had a hospital in my time I received the most appropriate medical care, which I needed because I survived an abortion that caused my birth defects and other medical problems. It is a miracle I am here today against all odds given the fact my doctors told me and the Sisters I wouldn’t live for long. That is why I am so passionate about Suzanne Aubert and the Home of Compassion Sisters.’

Linda volunteers at the Island Bay Home of Compassion Heritage Centre. She enjoys telling visitors her story and why she is so fond of Suzanne Aubert. The Sisters say they are very proud of Linda and her achievements.

Linda is pictured receiving her papal medal and certificate, with Cardinal John Dew, Fr Dennis Nacorda, Sr Margaret-Anne Mills dolc and altar servers.