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A newspaper for the Wellington and Palmerston North Catholic Dioceses

Spreading the good news

Geoff Lott

Every morning approximately 8,500 young people in our diocese set off to be educated in a Catholic school environment which can unashamedly proclaim that ‘Christ is the reason for this school’. We feel blessed that our schools are imbued with ‘Jesus’ values. They are woven through the very fabric of all that we do. They give witness to our schools’ special Catholic character.

We enthusiastically salute all of our teachers who respond to the challenge of passing on and giving witness to these values.

You are a respected and professional people in a vital vocation. We thank you one and all for your dedication. Your untiring efforts not only benefit Catholic education but bring great advantage to the whole society of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Geoff Lott is Manager for Schools in the Palmerston North Diocese.