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Sprucing up Waitara’s church

May 2014


Deena Coster

One Waitara couple’s hard work has resulted ian a new garden for Waitara’s St Joseph’s Church.

Ted and Anita Danych’s creation was unveiled to the congregation on 19 March in time for St Joseph’s Day celebrations.

The idea for the garden in front of the presbytery came to the couple one day after Sunday Mass. But the work to establish the garden took a bit longer, including the time needed to clean up the section.

Mr Danych said the entire job was finished in about four weeks. ‘We gave it a full going over,’ he said.

Rocks and strategically placed succulent plants are the main features of the new look with some of the costs paid for by the parish.

The section boasts a cross design as well as a statue of St Joseph himself. Mr Danych said the low maintenance aspect of the garden meant any member of the church community could contribute to its ongoing upkeep.

‘That’s the whole purpose of it,’ Mr Danych said.

The garden, which was blessed by Fr Freddie Barte, has also won the approval of parishioners at St Joseph’s Waitara.

‘A lot of parishioners have really enjoyed it,’ Mr Danych said.