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St Pats staff donate shaving rights

The devastation wrought by a recent fire at Nukutere College in Rarotonga, was a catalyst for a major Lenten fundraising drive at St Patrick’s Kilbirnie.

Nukutere College is a Catholic College and it operates under the New Zealand Education system.

The fire caused property and equipment loss totalling $50,000.

After seeing images of the damage at a school assembly staff and students began a week of giving.

Each form class set a target for the funds they were going to raise by doing chores for others. They felt that this was also a way of fulfilling the challenge of Lent.

The class which raised the most money won the [dubious] reward of the opportunity to shave one of five brave members of staff.

Some staff chose to have their heads shaved, others stopped at beards, sideburns or moustaches.

As an extra special treat, the ‘artists’ were allowed to create designs on their victim’s head, but only for a few minutes.

The three highest classes from the Year levels were also given $40 towards a form class lunch.

Including the money from a Lenten mufti day, the school raised just on $5000.

The final event in the ‘week of giving’ was the annual Easter egg appeal. Many eggs were donated and these in turn were delivered to the Home of Compassion Soup Kitchen and the St Vincent de Paul centre in Newtown.