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Teacher worthy of ‘not just any old love’

May 2014


At least one seven or eight year old in Mrs Ania Davidson’s class at St Brendan’s School Heretaunga declares that his teacher is the ‘love of my heart’. James D says she has helped him be ‘more confident with my learning’ and is, from Abbey, ‘the most amazing teacher in my life!’ a sentiment which Lynnsey shares.

All 23 of the seven and eight-year-olds in Room 9 have written to Wel-Com with praise for Mrs Davidson and for the school in general which is ‘awesome’, according to Rachel. Quinn says the ‘school is cool’ and, Pat says, a ‘really nice place to learn’. James F says the school is a good school ‘because they have cool water fountains’ and Nathan likes to play on the playground, the field and the tennis courts and Rebecca on the monkey bars. Dylan plays tennis and unihoc ‘and [I] represent my school’ and Kayden says the school ‘is small in size’ and ‘I get to eat a nice lunch every day’.

Charlie likes to have fun reading library books while Myra and Huntar love Mrs Davidson because she gives them hugs when they are sad and stickers when they are good and do their work. Judith says Mrs Davidson ‘never gives up on me – she protects me when I am in danger’. Lachlan also appreciates Mrs Davidson’s protection, hugs and nice smell.

Mackie, ‘short for Mackenzie’ says Mrs Davidson is the ‘best teacher in the whole school because she cares for me, helps me learn and is pretty and cool’. Zoe enjoys art and learning the values of the school and says Mrs Davidson ‘smells like marshmallows’.

Oliver enjoys learning mathematics because ‘I learn new fun ways of doing things’. Kobe loves school ‘so much that I have a big smile’. He loves his teacher, ‘and I don’t mean any old love… I mean love, love!’

Sophie says Mrs Davidson is ‘kind, loving, caring … and dresses and smells nice’. Jacob, who loves being creative in art, says Mrs Davidson has ‘courage, faith and she is kind’. Jordan says Mrs Davidson ‘gives me treats when I have done great work’.