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The Year of Consecrated Life: The Marist family


 Will there be anyone to follow?

Fr Barry Scannell SM

During April, I attended a gathering of 31 New Zealand Marist priests aged under 65. Of these, 14 were aged 60–65; 13 from 50–60; and four from 40–50.

All work in a wide variety of ministries, but we are getting older and cannot, as a province, sustain all the works we are engaged in.

While we have four fine young men in formation at the Marist Seminary in Auckland, that is not enough for the future. The Church and the Society of Mary need vocations. At our gathering, we reflected on the influence and of those Marists who inspired and encouraged us as young men to consider a religious vocation.

I encourage young people reading this to consider the possibility God may be calling you to serve the Church. Religious life is a worthwhile and fulfilling vocation.

Yes, it takes courage in our secular world to be different, to discern what God is asking of us. However, the Bishops and the Provincials of religious orders need generous and faith-filled young men and women to answer the need in the New Zealand Church for priests and religious.

Why not talk with someone about it?

Fr Scannell is parish priest, St Mary of the Angels, Wellington Central.