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What The Earth is Asking of Us

WelCom May 2017:

Mary Eastham –

Sr Sharon Zayek op and Sr Margaret Galiardi op.

At their recent presentation in Palmerston North, visiting Srs Margaret Galiardi op and Sharon Zayek op from the United States reminded the audience there is hope in our environmentally-devastated world.

Thirty-five people from Hastings to Wellington gathered at the Diocesan Centre to learn how we can develop sustaining relationships with the Earth. They learned about a radical change of mind and heart through a threefold conversion – evolution of consciousness about being human, listening to Earth, and developing images of God to encompass the healing required to survive environmental uncertainty.

The act of intentional silence was introduced, which grounds the conversion process and can heal the Earth. Participants were left with two questions: What one thing would you want the future to be, to have? What can you do to bring it about?