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Youth organise in Brooklyn


3 December 2011

Brooklyn parish’s new youth group, Eleven Up, is about to deliver timetables for Advent and Christmas around the parish, the culmination of a busy inaugural year.

The group for young people in Year 7 and up started in May and meets monthly after the Saturday Vigil Mass.  Meetings are a mixture of fun to build community, learning about faith and service activities.

In September, Chris Nimmo was a guest speaker and helped the group work on a guest blog for the Caritas Level With Me Blog which looked at countries participating in the rugby world cup, ranking them in accordance with their levels of social equality.

Eleven Up’s blog related to the Ireland-Russia match. In October the group held its first Youth Mass. The picture shows some members of the group and leaders in the Eleven Up tee-shirt after participating in the November 12 Mass.

The logo on the front and the graphics for the words on the back – Peace, Joy, Love, Hope – were designed by Sasha Aizpuru and Julian Lane with the green chosen by the group to represent growth in faith.

The words come from the group’s theme song, the Prayer of St Francis.