Mercy and Christmas

There is a new dimension to this Christmas season which invites reflection and action. The Year of Mercy ended as Advent began. What we have learned about mercy in this last year finds an immediate application in the season of Christmas. The mercy of God calls us to repair relationships, forgive wrongs, and offer non-judgmental

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Immaculate Conception by Peter Paul Rubens , via Wikimedia Commons

Mary, The Immaculate Conception

The feast of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, 8 December, is also the day Wellingtonians traditionally pray to Mary to protect them from earthquakes. Following  the 1855 magnitude 8.2 earthquake that rocked the southern part of the North Island, Bishop Viard consecrated the Archdiocese of Wellington to the patronage of Mary under her title of the

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Archdiocesan Synod 2017 Announced

Cardinal John Dew has announced the fifth Synod for the Archdiocese of Wellington is to take place in 2017. Cardinal John’s Bishop’s Decree Convoking the 2017 Archdiocesan Synod has been issued 8 December 2016. To view the convocation Convoking Synod Lt Archdiocesan Synod 2017 Announced Pope Francis has brought new emphases and new ways of thinking

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