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Caritas: Social Justice Week 2013

Social Justice Week, 8-14 September, 2013

Don’t give up – bishops

New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops warn that young unemployed people may face decades of disadvantage. Introducing the Social Justice Week booklet, they write,

‘To young people experiencing difficulties in finding permanent, secure work, we say, “Do not give up hope…. Each of you is a precious and valued member of our society. We are not giving up on you – please don’t give up on yourself”.

‘To employers, we say, “Do not give in to stereotypes that young people may be unreliable or unmotivated. Employers tell us that often their youngest employees exceed their expectations. Make a commitment to give reliable and secure work to your young workers and expect loyalty and commitment in return. …

‘To our parishes and the wider community, we say, “Get to know the young people in your community who are looking for work. Talk to them about your experiences of work and support them in their job search.” …

‘In Social Justice Week this year, it would be great if we all make an effort to talk to those around us about our experiences of work and of looking for work. We may all be surprised at what we learn from one other and how we can help one another.’