Boards receive funding directly from the Ministry of Education as part of their operational grant to carry out minor maintenance. This generally covers interior/exterior painting, and repairs rather than complete replacement.

Minor Maintenance is:

  • Repair work undertaken by the school to prevent the asset deteriorating further
  • All maintenance, which is expected to occur within a 10-year cycle


  • Interior/exterior painting
  • Repairs to fixed floor coverings, vinyl, carpet
  • Repairs to electrical, plumbing, underground systems
  • Repairs to water heaters, stoves, light fittings
  • Repairs to driveways, hard courts, fencing
  • Repairs to roofing, spouting, down pipe
  • Curtain replacement

Cost Guideline:
Under $5,000 plus GST

Major Maintenance is:

  • Work undertaken by the Proprietor as part of the major maintenance programme
  • All maintenance to the asset, which would occur outside of the 10-year cycle


  • Complete replacement of a roof
  • Complete resurfacing of a hard court, driveways, fencing
  • Complete replacement of electrical, plumbing, drainage
  • Complete replacement of window facades
  • Complete replacement of heating plant
  • Complete replacement of floor coverings
  • Complete upgrade of toilets and wash areas

Cost Guideline:
Over $5,000 plus GST

For information and assistance contact the Archdiocesan Property Manager, Koa Martel, 021 456 303,