Participate in the Synod – 1 Week left!

It’s time to get creative in the way we participate in the Synod. Some ideas and links to more information.

Did you know we are in the Diocesan phase of the Synod?

This is when local churches and groups gather to discern and respond to the synod questions. These responses are then submitted to the diocese.  Have you found a way to be involved in this process?

If you haven’t participated yet, please do and encourage others in your community to join you. During the Covid Orange Alert level, we are encouraged to get creative to continue this process – check out any Parish Zoom Groups, House groups (small groups of people meeting in someone’s place/neutral space) and there could be opportunities with other existing community groups, such as walking, mum, coffee, youth groups that you are a part of too!

For more information on how to get involved and resources to support you in this journey please visit:

If you have any questions about how your community can get involved, the Synod Team are here to help. Contact Chris or Lucienne at (04) 496-1706 or (04) 496 1715 or email: or

The new deadline for submissions in the Archdiocese of Wellington is 30 April 2022.