Poem for Mary

A poem about Mary written by Leigh-Marie Miranda written for the month of the Rosary.

This poem was written by Leigh-Marie Miranda for the Parish of Ss Peter and Paul, Lower Hutt as part of their Liturgical Board highlighting different liturgical events within the Church. This poem was written for the Month of the Rosary which is in October.


Lady so thankful, Lady so kind
Lady to whom
A great task was assigned

Lady so innocent, Lady so good
So courageous to take on
What no other lady would

Lady so destined, Lady so blessed
God asked her a favour
And our lady said yes

Lady so dutiful, so fearless, so brave
Though doubted and threatened
Her faith did not waive

Lady so nurturing,
She answered the call
To be Mother of Jesus, Mother of us all

Lady so sorrowful
Tested her life through
Her son had to die
She accepted this too

Lady so pure, Lady so loved
Rose so precious
She was taken above

Body and soul
Not a blemish was permitted
Our lady so fair
To heaven was admitted

Watching from above Refuge and guide
Our Lady, Our Mother
Always on our side

There to comfort, orning star
Help to us all from heaven afar.

Leigh-Marie Miranda