Covid Red Alert changes

Updates to Masses under the Covid-19 Red Alert Level announced 23rd January 2022 and a message from Cardinal John Dew.

Updates to Masses under the Covid-19 Red Alert Level announced 23rd January 2022

On Sunday 23 January the Government announced the move to the Covid-19 Red Alert level due to increasing numbers of Omicron cases in our communities across Aotearoa. Please read further to find out more about what this will mean for the Archdiocese as well as a personal message from Cardinal John Dew.

A message from Cardinal John Dew

“We almost made it to the end of January without having to change any of the protocols for the Covid- 19 Protection Framework, but as we were warned Omicron has burst in on us. As we begin life in the RED level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, we need to think carefully about how we will manage the challenges ahead of us, in a way which keeps everyone safe.

Thank you to all of you for all that you are doing to keep people safe and well. I know that Covid continues to present more and more challenges as time goes by, and most of us would like life to continue as it was before Covid. However, this also presents opportunities to be creative in the way we minister to people and ensure that we reach out as much as we possibly can to others, especially those isolated and alone, those unwell and anxious. I keep hearing about the creative ways you are keeping in touch… Thank you again for all you are doing. With thanks and prayers and all good wishes and blessings.” – Cardinal John Dew.

Cardinal John reminds everyone that the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place. It is important that you should not come to Mass if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. The rules around isolating must be obeyed if you are waiting for a test result or are a contact of a highly infectious person. If you are elderly or in a vulnerable group then please act with caution when deciding whether to come to Mass as case numbers rise.

Masses which require vaccine passes are now limited to 100 people and those which do not require vaccine passes to 25 people.

We will continue to update you through the website, Welcom and parish websites and newsletters.