He Rauemi Katorika Māori

Catholic Māori Resources

The following publications are available on request – contact Pa Gerard Burns at g.burns@wn.catholic.org.nz.

Resources for Miha Māori – Mass

Miha Setting
A Mass setting in te reo Māori by Richard Puanaki. Email: manuelb@cda.org.nz

Ko Ngā Karakia o Te Miha me Ngā Hīmene
A Mass book in Māori and English by Pā M Ryan. Includes the Mass, Hymns and Devotional Prayers. Contact Manuel Beasley; email manuelb@cda.org.nz

Te Miha Māori – Mass Prayers for Priests
Audio files in te reo Māori collated by the late Pā Henare Tate and Danny Karatea-Goddard are available on the National Liturgy Office website.

Te Miha Māori – Weekly Sunday Readings
Mass Readings. To request a resource from Te Whanau Tapu Parish Auckland, email tuw.newsletter@gmail.com.

Ritenga Tangihanga – Funeral Rites
He Tikanga Karakia me Ngā Hīmene mō te Tangihanga me te Nehunga – Funeral Rites, Hymns and Readings. Contact manuelb@cda.org.nz.

National Liturgy Office resources for te Miha

Te Runanga o te Hā hi Katorika resources


He Puna Iti i te Ao Mārama – A Little Spring into the World of Light
This book, by the late Pā Henare Tate, is about Māori theology based on Māori culture and history. Available from bookstores across Aotearoa New Zealand.


Kaupapa Māori – Māori Dimension
This resource, prepared by Danny Karatea-Goddard for the National Liturgy Office, provides key markers for the use of Māori text, images, music and perspectives, to help with the Māori dimension in liturgy for the Catholic Church in Aotearoa-New Zealand. Contact: fr john O’Connor, National Liturgy Office, email liturgy@nzcbcz.org.nz

He Rārangi Papa Kupu Katorika – A Catholic Word List
A glossary of Māori-English and English-Māori word lists and phrases specific to their use in the Catholic Church Aotearoa-New Zealand, prepared by Danny Karatea-Goddard. Available online at: pndiocese.org.nz/maori/glossary

Ko Ngā Karakia o ia Rā – Prayers In Common Use
A booklet of common-use prayers translated into te reo Māori, by Bishop Peter Cullinane and the late Pā Henare Tate. Available from: Pleroma Christian Supplies, free phone: 0508 988 988, extn 4; email webmaster@pleroma.org.nz