Artists rally for children in Ukraine

An art exhibition in support of the children of Ukraine was held at Our Lady’s Home of Compassion in Island Bay in October.

Michael Fitzsimons

An art exhibition in support of the children of Ukraine was held at Our Lady’s Home of Compassion in Island Bay in October.

Organised by local artist, musician and gallery curator Ian Logan, the exhibition featured work from local and international artists. All proceeds from the sale of the artwork are being donated to the Okhmatdyt National Children’s Specialised Hospital in Kyiv.

Ian’s own painting in the exhibition is called Easter/Paska. At Easter this year he was struck by the paradox of Easter being a time of peace and light while on the other side of the world an invasion was being launched. This was the inspiration for his painting which ‘relates to the suffering of men on both sides, a crucifixion in a way’, says Ian.

Ian contacted the Ukrainian Association and offered them the painting. ‘But I then thought about taking it a step further. I’ve been in the gallery curating business and wondered about doing an online art auction. The logistics of that however were quite difficult and so we settled on an art exhibition.’

With his curating background, he knew other artists who responded very positively to the idea of a fund-raising exhibition. The exhibition included work by many different artists including Lisa Walker, Jacky Pearson, Douglas McArthur, Jenny Hartley, Stephanie Woodman, Michael McCormack and Matt Gauldie. Exhibits included sculptures and jewellery as well as paintings.

The artists generously agreed that one hundred per cent of the sale price would be donated, said Ian. 

‘All the artists were very receptive. It’s been amazing. People have come forward to help in many different ways.’

Ian was delighted that the exhibition could be held at the Home of Compassion Centre in Island Bay, which has an ideal gallery for the work. 

‘This space was on the top of the wish list and thankfully the Home of Compassion was happy to host it. They have been incredibly supportive.’

One of the values of the Sisters of Compassion is looking after the most disadvantaged, says Ian. 

‘Children are at the top of the “disadvantaged” list. They don’t start wars. Rather than being a political, partisan thing, this initiative is about looking after children.’

Anyone wanting to make a donation to the children’s hospital in Kyiv can send their donation to the following account, with the reference ‘art show’: 38-9024-0093505-00