WelCom March 2022 We BelieveIn the Dance of Life In Eternal welcomeBeyond Gender, Beyond SelfThree and OneFor us and For us and For usWith us and Calling usTo be who really…

WelCom March 2022

We Believe
In the Dance of Life 
In Eternal welcome
Beyond Gender, Beyond Self
Three and One
For us and For us and For us
With us and Calling us
To be who really we are

Our God who is Love
Revealed as Love among us
Calling us to Love, to Give, to Yield
Blessed are, Blessed are, Blessed are…….
Beyond our Selfs, Beyond our Fear
To Be For Others
As God is For Us.

Our God who is Love
Speaks our world into being
Now one of us 
The speaker now the spoken
Dies with us
Blows our death apart 
From the inside
Solidarity, no substitute!
That this Risen Fruit might carry us 
All of us
Into the Age to Come
Into the Heart
Of the God who is Love.

– Phil McCarthy 

Phil McCarthy is chairman of Challenge 2000 and is currently completing a Diploma in Theology.