Pilgrim numbers swell as WYD looms

Act1v8 NZ (activate) has been set up to make sure the national pastoral planning happens – leader training, retreats and much more.

The numbers are in and guess what—Palmerston North and Wellington dioceses more than doubled their combined estimations of pilgrims.

Around 400 from Palmerston North Diocese and over 700 from Wellington Archdiocese have joined New Zealand’s pilgrimage to World Youth Day.

This is not a numbers game, but the response is an incredible indication of how much of an effect the journey to WYD 2008 is having and will continue to have in our local communities long after pilgrims return.

Act1v8 NZ

Good pastoral preparation is key. ‘Act1v8 (activate) NZ’ has been prepared by a national team to ensure this happens (the WYD08 theme is based on Acts 1:8).

Act1v8 NZ includes pilgrim leader training, retreats (both pre- and post-WYD), a series of locally run evenings, involvement in the Caritas Lenten Programme, Days in the Diocese preparation and a New Zealand-wide commissioning of pilgrims in their local parishes/communities on 6 July 2008.

Wellington Archdiocesan pilgrim retreats are planned for 16 December, 24 January, 30 January, 3 February, 5 February (and one to be advised).

Palmerston North Diocesan retreats are planned for 1 December (Manawatu), 2 December (Taranaki) 8 December (Whanganui) and 9 December (Hawke’s Bay).

Doing it together

This preparation will prove to be an important element of pilgrimage, with pilgrims beginning to realise why it is a pilgrimage and what it will be like to spend a week eating, sleeping, snoring and brushing their teeth together next year!

For more information contact Wellington@worldyouthday.org.nz or palmerstonnorth@worldyouthday.org.nz