Vinnies moved by women’s plight

Pupils put their compassion for women in a Hawke’s Bay refuge into fundraising art.

Vinnies moved by women's plight Archdiocese of Wellington The pupils of two Catholic primary schools in Hastings and Napier were touched with compassion for the women in the Hastings Women’s Refuge that they put their feelings into art.

Lynette Timothy from the refuge visited the Vinnies at St Mary’s in Hastings and St Patricks in Napier last September.

She spoke about the role of a Women’s Refuge.

Vinnies moved by women's plight Archdiocese of Wellington The Vinnies from each school presented her with artwork depicting a happy theme which will be used to brighten up the rooms in the refuge.

Lynette was so impressed with the standard of the work and the questions the Vinnies asked that she plans to visit again at the beginning of next year. She congratulated them for giving up their free time to help others.

St Patrick’s Vinnies will donate the proceeds of their next cake stall to this worthy cause.


Top: Vinnies from St Patricks Primary School show a sample of the pastel drawings which they presented to Lynette Timothy of Hastings Women’s Refuge on Thursday, 13 September.

Bottom: Two Vinnies Lauren and Kathleen, from St Joseph’s primary school, Hastings, help to decorate their school float for the Hastings Blossom Parade held on Saturday, 15 September. The float was placed second in their section of the competition.