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For information about the Archdiocese’s response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions, please go to Royal Commission Response.

Safeguarding practices have become the norm in society for organizations which deal with children and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding is about keeping everyone safe from harm, trauma and abuse, whether it be emotional, physical, or sexual.

We are all responsible for developing safe practices at all levels within the Church.  Safeguarding applies to volunteers as well as to employees, priests, religious, lay pastoral leaders and anyone in ministry which involves children or vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding Archdiocese of Wellington

National Office for Professional Standards

The National Office for Professional Standards is a partnership between the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference and the Congregation Leaders Conference of Aotearoa New Zealand. It develops and audits safeguarding policy and practice and responds to complaints of abuse in the Church. It has developed a set of documents which are being adopted by all the dioceses and religious orders, to ensure consistency of approach across the country.

These documents include:

The Archdiocese of Wellington has formally adopted these policies and is developing the processes necessary to implement them. The Policies, Standards and Code of Conduct apply to everyone: clergy, religious, employees and volunteers.

Other documents can be found on the National Office for Professional Standards website.

Workshops in the Archdiocese

Workshops on safeguarding are being provided in all parishes of the Archdiocese during 2019. These are open to everyone, but pastoral team members, Pastoral Council members and key volunteers must attend. This training provides guidance and tools to support the implementation of the safeguarding policies in parishes.  There will be an additional child protection workshop for those whose role and responsibilities require more extensive knowledge.

Safeguarding Coordinator

Cardinal John Dew has appointed Brendy Weir as the Safeguarding Adviser for the Archdiocese.  Brendy has many years’ experience as a child protection social worker and senior adviser for child protection in the government
sector, and more recently as a social worker for Catholic Social Services. She leads the Safeguarding workshops.

Brendy Weir, Safeguarding Advisor 04 496 1768, 021 1958 307,

Resources for parishes

There are resources available for parishes in managing their volunteers. These include the Code of Conduct, role descriptions, and volunteer application and confirmation letter templates.

The Code of Conduct for the Archdiocese of Wellington can be accessed here.

Volunteer role descriptions available include:

Parish Safeguarding Administrator
Leader Liturgy of the Word with Children
Trainer Altar Servers Role
Extraordinary Minister of Communion to the Sick
Sacramental Programme Leader

Please email either Brendy Weir to obtain these documents.